License Plate 168 194 LED Light Bulb Installation Guide

Installation DIY Guide for most Japanese or American Car which take 168 194 or 2825 LED bulbs for license plate lights.

You can find this product under LED License Plate Lights

Step 1: There are two bulbs that you will need to replace and they reside in these two grey housings. Each bulb receives it's power from the white connector.

Step 2: Each housing is held in place by 2 clips (found on the left and right side of the white connector).

Step 3: Pinch these two clips inwards to release the housing.

Step 4: Release the housing from the power connection. The white connector has a little wedge thing that needs to hold down with thumb.

Step 5: Replaced the OEM 168/194 light bulb with T10/T15 LED bulb.

Step 6: After having the LED bulb installed, Connect the power supply back to the housing. Test it before putting the housing back into the trunk, if the LED bulb doesn't light up, simply take the LED bulb out and flip it 180 degrees to correct the polarity.

Step 7: Enjoy the new LED License Plate Lights!