Mercedes Error Free 2825 LED Parking Light Bulb Installation Guide

You can find this product under Error Free LED Parking Lights

Step 1: Open the hood and locate to the back of the parking light lamp.

Step 2: Before you remove the stock parking light, make sure your car engine is off and light is off as well.

Step 3: Replace the stock 2825 bulb to the Error Free T10 LED bulb and test it to make sure it lights up. If the LED bulb does not light up, simply flip the LED bulb 180 degrees and try again.

Step 4: Put the LED bulbs back and turn off the light and car to let the on board computer to reset it for 10 sec and start the car again.

Tips for installing the CAN-bus Error Free LED bulbs

  1. Always do the installation with the engine off and key is out of ignition with the light turns off
  2. After installation, first thing you need to do is to make sure the LED bulbs do light up
  3. If the LED bulb does not light up in step2, try to flip the LED bulb 180-degrees
  4. Once we ensure both LED bulbs light up, then we are going to turn off the lights, lock the car for 5-10 seconds to reset the on board computer to make sure no more false-positive error message

Step 5: Enjoy the new LED parking lights and most importantly, it is error free!