Off-Road Truck LED Lighting Glossary

Glossary of Off-Road Truck LED Lighting

When you receive your new Off-Road LED Lighting Assembly, there are a number of varying components that may come with your kit. You will get the LED assembly, the mounting components and accessories, and some mounting hardware.

Mounting Hardware

It's handy to have a tool kit (not included!) ready for installation, as there are various sized sockets and wrenches to aid in the installation process:

This is a set of screw, bolt, washer, with the M6 screw, often used in conjunctions with the installation of LED light bars and LED pod lights:

This is a set of screw, bolt, washer, with a M8 screw that is generally used to hold the LED assembly with the metal brackets:

This is a 1/4" screw that helps secure the components and hardware in your Off-Road LED Lighting Assembly:

Hexagon Head Screws are mostly used to secure the LED light bar together with the mounting hardware:

Washers are important to create friction and tighten the nuts and bolts to secure the LED assembly. Depending on the kit, you may receive spring washers (top) or regular washers (bottom), both aid in securing the LED light assembly tightly to the mounting hardware:

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How do I bolt the LED light bar?

Many of our installation guides recommend using the nut and bolt combination to secure the LED assembly onto the mounting brackets. The interlocking of the nut and bolt helps to tighten and secure the LED assembly in place.

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Will I need to utilize factory bolts to install the LED light bar?

Some installations do require removing the factory bolt from the vehicle in order to mount the metal bracket to that location. This applies to bolts that are bolted to the frame or chassis in order to have a sturdy support for both the brackets and the LED light bar. These factory bolts may be very tight. If the factory bolt is really tight, you can use some WD40 to remove the rust on the bolt and lubricate the application. You must use the correct tools and the best way to figure that out is to match the bolt head with the socket. You can use both metric socket or American standard socket.

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How do I cut the plastic frame if I need to accommodate the LED light bar or mounting brackets?

You can cut the plastic frame with some common tools found at your local hardware store. We recommend using a hand saw or a reciprocating saw, both pictured below.

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How do I install the relay wiring harness?

Check out this video below for how to install the relay wiring harness or visit truck LED wiring guide.

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Why did I receive a relay harness with two outputs?

If you received a relay harness with two outputs, you can still install the relay wiring harness the same way you would install one with a single output. The two output wires give you the option to add a 2nd set of LED lights if you have one or plan to in the future. If you are just using one output, you can take some black electrical tape and cover the outputs separately.

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What can I do if the mounting bracket holes do not precisely match with the holes on my truck?

First, double check to make sure that you are bolting the mounting brackets to the correct holes on the truck. There are many locations on the truck that may look appropriate, but we have designed the mounting brackets and LED light bars to accommodate very specific parts of the truck.

After checking placement if you feel that the size of the hole is still not precise, you can use a filer to make the hole a bit bigger.

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What if there are some small chips or scratches on the LED light bar or mounting brackets?

The LED light bar is brand new and crafted with heavy duty metal. During transit from our facility to the destination, there may be some small dents or scratches on the light bar or brackets as a result of carrier handling. Majority of the time, the small scratches/dents on the brackets or light bar are not even visible at all after installation. These cosmetic issues do not affect the functionality of the LED light bar or brackets in any way; the components will still function accordingly. We do apologize if this has caused any inconvenience for you - if the cosmetic issue is not severe, you can use some touch-up paint on the small area that needs mending.

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I see a little bit of moisture inside the LED assembly. Is this water condensation or something else?

In wet or rainy situations, you may see a bit of fog in the lens, which is normal. The LED light assembly has been designed with small air vents behind the assembly to allow air to circulate. When you power up the LED light bar and allow it to run for some time, the warmth will push the cold air and moisture outside.

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