Pontiac G8 5202 LED Fog Light Bulb Installation Guide

***Please keep in mind that for the driver side, removal of the stock air box is required to gain access to the fog lights. If you have an aftermarket intake or have removed the stock air box, then it should be no problem. This guide is assuming you do not have the stock air box in the way***

1.) For the side that you are working on, turn the wheel to the opposite side to gain access to the fender clips. Remove the three (3) plastic fender clips circled in red.

Pontiac G8 5202 LED Bulbs 1

2.) After pulling the fender liner to the side, you should gain access to the fog lamp assembly, locate the wire harness, squeeze the clip and pull.

Pontiac G8 5202 LED Bulbs 2

3.) Remove the stock bulb by squeezing the two sides together and pulling.

Pontiac G8 5202 LED Bulbs 3

4.) When re-installing the LED bulb, some slight modification may be required as the new 5202 LED bulb may be slightly larger, you can use sand paper to sand down the sides a bit so you can push the bulb into the housing.

5.) Re-install everything in reverse order and turn on the lights! Enjoy your new 5202 LED fog lights!

5202 LED bulbs

5202 LED bulbs

Special thanks to jkayner from g8board for providing us the pictures and information for this install guide.