Retrofit Flexible LED Daytime Running Light Puddle Lamp Installation Guide

You can find this product under High Power Flexible LED Daytime Running Lights/Puddle Lamps (60-085).

*NOTE: iJDMTOY is not responsible for any type of damage or harm to the vehicle or person when attempting this installation. This guide is intended to assist those who have experience with these types of installations, professional installation is recommended*

Step 1: Remove fog light plastic insert on lower bumper insert before you begin any drilling. Carefully measure and mark where you are going to be installing each individual LED light.

Step 2: Insert the LED lights through the drilled holes.

You can install up to 10 pieces of LED lights per side. You will need a separate module box to provide full power if you choose to install more LED lights.

Step 3: Connect the LED lights to each other. Screw on the backing of the LED lights to the plastic insert to secure them in place.

We have created special connectors to have a water tight seal so make sure you lock in the connectors.

Tip: The connectors will only lock in one direction. If you are having a difficult time securing the connectors, take them apart. You will see that there's a groove that you will need to match both sides to secure. This will firmly lock in the connectors.

Step 4: Connect to the module box. Tap the red wire to any 12V power source like parking light +, side marker light + or ACC in the fuse box. Tap the black wire to battery - or ground.

Make sure everything works and enjoy your new High Power Flexible LED Daytime Running Lights/Puddle Lamps