Retrofit Flexible LED DRL Daytime Running Light Puddle Lamp Installation Guide

You can find this LEDayFlex Style LED Daytime Running Lights (60-085) here.

*NOTE: iJDMTOY is not responsible for any type of damage or harm to the vehicle or person when attempting this installation. This guide is intended to assist those who have experience with these types of installations, professional installation is recommended*

1.) Using a measuring tape and painters tape, mark positions on the application as to where you would like the daytime running lights to be positioned.

2.) Once the positions have been marked, use the supplied drill bit to drill the holes for the lights.

3.) Repeat the same procedure on the other side.

4.) Route the wiring of the individual LED lights to each of the holes and connect them together.

5.) Screw on the backing of the LED lights to the bumper to secure them in place. Taking off the bumper may assist you in this installation to gain access to the rear of the bumper.

6.) Have the red wire tap to any 12V power source such as parking light +, side marker light + or ACC in fuse box and then have the black wire tap to battery negative or ground.

7.) Enjoy your new LEDayFlex Style LED Daytime Running Lights!

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