Subaru Scion Toyota Exact OEM Fit LED License Plate Light Installation Guide

You can find this product under Scion/Subaru LED License Plate Lights (75-016).

1.) Open the trunk and remove the five (5) 8mm bolts that hold the trunk trim in place. They are circled in red below.

2.) After the bolts have been removed, squeeze the single plastic clip on the left side together and remove the trunk lock assembly. Pull the trunk trim off.

3.) Remove the license plate bulb holder from the housing and set aside.

4.) Push the plastic clip inward in the direction the arrow points and push up; the factory license plate assembly should pop out easily.

5.) Grab our LED license plate assembly and install it, putting the side that is circled in red first and then pressing down on the assembly to lock it into place. You should hear an audible click once the assembly locks into place.

6.) Install the bulb adapter into the factory harness that was left aside. Repeat the same installation procedure on the other side.

7.) Install all the components back together by following the steps in reverse order and enjoy your new direct fit LED license plate lights!

Install the LED lamp following the diagram below:

Most license plate lamps have two clips (one on each side) to lock it