The Newly Designed RGB LED Angel Eyes with External Resistor Box

Please read this carefully before installing your RGB LED angel eyes halo rings.

If you have recently ordered a set of RGB LED angel eyes halo rings, you've most likely received an updated design that includes an external resistor box. It relocates all of the resistors that was formerly on the LED halo rings into an independent resistor unit. By moving all the resistors off of the LED angel eyes, more energy can be put into the LED emitters so they can shine much brighter and stay cooler which lengthens its lifespan.

The external resistor box has a metal casing that has a label indicating what LED halo ring size it is compatible with.

This newer design of the LED halo rings requires to be connected to the module box via the external resistor box. This means the LED rings must be connected to the external resistor box, which is then connected to the module box. In other words, the external resistor box is plugged in between the module box and LED angel eyes.

Connecting the LED halo rings directly to the module box will cause permanent damage and void your warranty. The damage will cause the LED diodes to partially light up and not emit the correct colors.