Toyota Lexus Scion Subaru Festoon LED Bulb General Installation Guide

General Guide: Install Festoon LED bulbs for Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Subaru

Sometimes, when you install these LED bulbs, it may seem that the LED bulb is way too long and won't fit.

First of all, this is normal! It's not because you bought the wrong size.

This happens for some Toyota, Lexus, Scion and Subaru for the center dome light, the trunk area light and the vanity mirror light since Toyota and Subaru both use a smaller than the standard size incandescent festoon bulbs for some of their cars.

To properly install the standard 31mm LED bulb for this smaller housing, you will need to do the following:
1) Find out which side of the socket is fixed and which side is flexible
2) Insert the festoon LED's one end into the fixed side first
3) Use your thumb applying a little bit to slide the other end into the flexible side.