Truck LED Front Side Fender Marker Lights Installation Guide

You can find the Truck LED Fender Bed Side Marker Lights Smoke Lens here

This installation guide is for the truck LED fender bed side lights on heavy duty trucks that have a wider body and require 2 side marker lights in the front and the back. The stock side marker lights are just amber and red lens with a halogen bulb inside, whereas this new version of LED side marker lights for your truck have a smoked lens with an LED light inside to give your truck a new updated and modern look.

For the heavy duty trucks like the Ford F-350, Dodge RAM 3500, and GMC Denali, etc, the installation only involves a pry tool to pry off the stock side marker light for a direct plug-and-play installation to upgrade the new truck LED side marker lights. You don't even have to open the wheel base or remove the trunk liner.

Of course, you can also install these side marker LED lights for your smaller mid-size trucks like the Ford F-150, Dodge RAM 1500, and Chevy Silverado to get the same "HD" look. You can even install two pieces for the front bumper and two pieces for the rear bumper to get a similar Raptor SVT style.

If this is the case, you should take a look at this installation guide:

Step 1: Mark where you will install these truck LED fender bed side lights. This should be around the rear wheelbase. The most ideal locations are circled in red.

Step 2: Open the wheel base trunk liner. Make sure wherever you're installing these truck LED side marker lights does not have obstruction in the back. Use some black or blue painter's tape to help guard against any possible scratches before you start drilling.

Drill the hole. This is a permanent modification! The hole doesn't have to be too big, only big enough to accommodate the stem of the LED side marker light. These truck LED lights come with double sided tape for attachment so be sure to drill the hole somewhere flat.

Step 3: Insert the adapter through the hole you drilled.

Step 4: For each side, wire up all positive wires together and all negative wires together respectively. Wire them up in parallel and tap to the existing tail light. When your headlights are on, the truck fender bed LED side marker lights will also turn on.

Repeat this process for the rest of the truck fender bed side LED side marker lights. Test to make sure everything works.

If you want to install the Ford Raptor style LED marker lights, the wiring is as follows:
Front LED side markers tap to headlights
Rear LED side markers tap to tail lights

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