Tundra, Tacoma, Super Duty Pick-Up Truck Letter Inserts Installation Guide

This is a tutorial on how to apply our letter inserts. The steps below will apply to both our vinyl or paper-based (AA3300) (AA3310) (AA3311) and plastic-based (AA2423) (AA2424) letter inserts. Our premium letter inserts will make your trunk gate or front grille's letters bolder to give your truck a standout look. The application pictures will be based on the Toyota Tundra, but the steps will apply to other pick-up trucks such as the Toyota Tacoma, Ford F-250, and Ford F-350 Superduty trucks.



Step 1: Clean the surface of your trunk gate or front grille. Use isopropyl or rubbing alcohol to remove any wax, dirt, or dust.

Step 2: Once the surface is cleaned and dry, it's time to apply your letter inserts. Peel off the back sheet of the letter.

Before fully applying the letter insert, align the letter so that it will stick to the lines of the letter indentation. Perform this step looking straight at each letter.



Step 3: Stick the letter insert carefully, applying even pressure with a credit card or similar item along the letter lines to prevent any air bubbles from forming. Remove the front film slowly if applicable. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the rest of the letter inserts.


Step 4: Let the letter inserts sit for at least a day to allow them to bond to its surface. Allow at least 72 hours of direct sunlight exposure before washing or waxing your vehicle.

Step 5: If you see any dirt, blemishes, or other imperfections like on the tip of the N, slowly and carefully wipe it off with a cloth.



Enjoy your new emboldened front grille or trunk gate letter inserts! Find this and more accessories today!