Universal Fit Phillips Style 6-LED DRL Daytime Running Light Installation Guide

This is an installation guide for SKU: 60-081

You can find this product under Universal Phillips Style 6-LED High Power LED Daytime Running Lights.


Step 1) Insert the wire into the bracket.

Step 2) Mount the bracket. Since this is a universal fit Daytime Running Light, you can mount it anywhere you prefer. In this location we have mounted it right under the lower bumper.

Step 3) After mounting the bracket, you can lock the LED daytime running light on the bracket.

Step 4) After you mount the LED Daytime Running Light using the bracket, connect the wires and route the wires up and near the battery/fuse box.

Step 5) Use zip-ties to tie the wire along the bumper.

Step 6) Find the ACC in your fuse box and tap the red wire there. You can find the ACC location with an electronic meter by clamping the black wire to the battery negative or the ground. Insert the tester pen into the open fuse box into any unoccupied slot and remember the locations where the tester pen doesn’t light up. Start the engine and test on the spots that didn’t light up. Find the spot that lights up ONLY when the engine is on. This is the ACC spot.
Basically, when the engine is on, the indicator lights up. When the engine is off, the indicator is also off.

Step 7) Once you find the ACC location, you can tap the red wires to the blade of the fuse and insert it back.

Step 8) Tap the black wire to battery negative.

Enjoy your new Universal Phillips Style 6-LED High Power LED Daytime Running Lights.

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