Universal Fit LED Tailgate Strip Light Installation Guide

You can find this product under LED Trunk Tailgate Strip Lights (50-078).

Step 1: Thoroughly clean the surface where you'll be applying the trunk LED tail gate lamp. Use soap and water to scrub the area clean since that place is normally dirty.

Step 2: Carefully measure beforehand where you're going to attach the LED strip so it looks even. The LED tailgate strip is designed to be a little bit shorter than the trunk tailgate so it can be fully universal fit. Take the length of the tail gate and subtract the length of the LED strip. Divide that by 2 to see how much space you will leave per side in order for the entire attachment to be evenly spaced.

Straighten the LED strip. You can choose to use some adhesive to TEMPORARILY mark where you will mount the LED strip. Since this is an exterior product, adhesive will not be able to fully secure the LED strip.

You must use the included mounting brackets to permanently secure the LED strip.

Step 3: Tap reverse light wire. You will need to remove either side of the tail light to locate the reverse light. Use a T-tap to tap the reverse light wire from the tailgate LED strip to positive.

Step 4: This is the trailer light connector. You can see: ground, brake, left signal, right signal - plug that into stock trailer light connector.

You will find the trailer light connector near the tow hitch.

What if the LED strip does not work? First, check the fuse box to make sure the fuse is not blown.

Check to see if the truck's original hitch has a reversed polarity. This product is designed to be compatible with most conventional factory adapters that have a +--- configuration, but on some rare occasions there are trucks with an opposite -+++ configuration. You will need to hard wire this LED product to your stock harness to get it to work.

Follow the diagram below and connect the wires respectively:
Cut off the iJDMTOY adapter.
Tap the 1st wire to ground, 2nd wire to brake positive, 3rd/4th wire to both turn signal positive.
Then tap the extra wire to the reverse light positive.

Step 5: Hide the wires or zip-tie them. Check the trunk LED tailgate lamp to make sure everything works.