Volkswagen Passat LED DRL Daytime Running Light Installation Guide

You can find this product under Volkswagen Passat LED Daytime Running Lights (20-20X-5050A) (20-201) (20-202) (90-012) (90-018).

1.) Begin by turning the wheel of the side you are working on towards you (towards the outside) so you can easily gain access to the bulb.

2.) Locate the cap on the fender liner and remove it.

3.) Once removed, you will see a circular plastic cap that covers the DRL bulb, twist and remove it.

4.) Remove the DRL bulb holder from the socket and remove the bulb. Please be advised that the passenger side is much more difficult than the driver side. Removal of the headlight is highly recommended for an easier installation.

5.) Install the LED bulb into the bulb holder and install the holder into the housing.

6.) Repeat the installation on the other side and turn on your vehicle and check out your new Volkswagen Passat LED Daytime Running Lights! Enjoy!

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