Strobe/Flashing Red LED Bulbs For BMW 12-15 3 Series 14-17 4 Series Brake Lights

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SKU 10-056-Red

For reliable brightness for your rear brakes with a cool unique feature, look to the strobing/flashing red 10-SMD H21W LED rear brake light replacement bulbs!

Each set comes with (2) red LED brake light bulbs, each powered by 10 pieces of super bright Osram SMD LED emitters. These red LED brake light bulbs feature a special, new strobing or flashing effect. When you initially brake, it will light up solid red as normal brake lights would. Releasing the brakes and applying it again will trigger the strobing effect that will last a short moment. This effect is ideal for adding a secondary alert for drivers behind you so they know for sure that you are stopping.

The strobing/flashing red 10-SMD H21W LED brake light replacement bulbs are made to fit the 2012-2015 BMW F30 3 Series, as well as the 2014-2017 F32 4 Series.


  • Fit 2012-2015 BMW F30 F31 F80 3 Series, and 2014-2017 F32 F33 F82 4 Series
  • LED bulb is powered by 10 pieces super bright Osram SMD LED chips
  • Special strobe/flashing design, first time you step on the brake, it will light up red solid, when you release and step on the brake again, the LED will strobe and flash
  • Great as an upgrade for the stock brake lights with brighter output and special strobe function (replace the smaller H21W bulb not the larger 7506 bulb)
  • Demo video:

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