12V Amber 3156/3157 LED Bulbs w/ 2 Load Resistors For Car Turn Signal/DRL Lights

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SKU 20-433-Amber-Kit

iJDMTOY Amber Yellow 15-SMD 3156/3157 LED Replacement Bulbs w/ (2) Load Resistors, Compatible With Front/Rear Turn Signal Lights, Driving Lights, etc


  • (Set of 2) 360-degree illumination full LED indicator light bulbs with 50W 6-Ohm load resistors
  • Powered by 15 pieces of super bright SMD LED chips in vibrant Amber yellow color for enhanced visibility
  • Dual filament, Cross reference number: 3156, 3056, 3156A, 3156AK, 3156NAK, 3047, 3047LL, 3047K, 3057A, 3057ALL, 3057, 3057ST, 3057K, 3057KX, 3057X, 3057KLCP, 3057LL, 3155, 3155LL, 3157A, 3157AK, 3157 ,3157K, 3157X, 3157LL, 3157ST, 3157KX, 3157NA, 3157NALL, 3157NAK, 3357A, 3357ALL, 3357, 3357LL, 3357K, 3454NA, 3457A, 3457ALL, 3457AK, 3457, 3457K, 3457NA, 3457NAK, 3757A, 3757AK, 3757ALL, 4057, 4057LL, 4057K, 4114, 4114LL, 4114K, 4157, 4157LL, 4157K, 4157NA, 4157NAK, 5702A, 5702AK, 5702AK, p27/7w
  • Ideal for replacing 12V car/truck/SUV front or rear turn signal light bulbs and certain front driving DRL light bulbs
  • Note: Due to the significantly lower power consumption of the LED compared to standard incandescent bulbs, if used for turn signals, load resistors (included in this order) are recommended to prevent hyper flashing

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