12V GS-100A LED Brake Stop Light Strobe Flash Module Controller Box For Car

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This auction features one piece of waterproof GS-100A LED brake stop light flash strobe controller module, universal fit for any 12V car, SUV, trucks and more.

This LED flash strobe controller allow you to convert the vehicle brake lamp to quickly strobe for 3 times, then flash for 3 times and then constantly lighting up. (checkout the video below). This strobe/flash feature can better alert the vehicle behind you to prevent any rear-end collision.

Installation is very easy, simply tap this controller module box in-between the brake light and the wiring harness and that's it.


  • 1 piece
  • Mini size and waterproof design (IP65)
  • Easy installation
  • Can better alert the vehicles behind you to prevent rear-end collision
  • Compatible with all types of brake lights including LED clusters, such as cars, motorcycles, tanks, armored vehicles, electric bicycles and other LED lights
  • Work voltage: 12V
  • Size: approx 1.95" x 1.05" x 0.55"
  • Wiring length: approx 5" each side

Demo Video

  • GS-100A LED Brake Tail Light Strobe Flash Controller Demo (youtu.be/lOCR-gI3prU)
  • Strobe LED Rear Fog Light Kit For Scion FR S Subaru BRZ (youtu.be/sF-7T7F9RoU)
  • GS 100A LED Brake Stop Light Flash Controller Demo On Mercedes SLK (youtu.be/hZ6Afgo39Qw)
  • Subaru LED Rear Fog Light With Strobe Module Flasher Demo (youtu.be/3ZrDqVbnkZA)

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