(2) 42-SMD 7440 Switchback LED Bulbs For Daytime Running Lights/Turn Signals

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This auction features one set Error Free No Resistor Required 7440/7443 switchback LED Bulbs w/ rapid flash fix equalizers, exclusively designed for the front turn signal to add an additional daytime running light or parking light feature.

After the conversion, you will have xenon white LED for the daytime running light or parking light and amber yellow LED for the turn signal light.

All you have to do is to directly replace your existing front turn signal bulbs with this product and connect the additional wire to the fuse box ACC for the DRL feature or tab it to the existing parking light positive for the parking/position light feature.


This revolutionary 7440 Single-Filament Type Switchback LED bulbs will replace the stock 7440, 7440A and 992 bulbs for front turn signal lights.


  • Powered by 42 pieces high power 2835 SMD LED emitters made by SAMSUNG
  • 21 pieces xenon white LED for daytime running lights or parking lights
  • 21 pieces amber yellow LED for turn signal lights
  • Good for replacing the front turn signal light bulbs to add either a DRL feature or parking light feature
  • Directly replace these LED bulbs and just tap the one wire to the ACC in the fuse box for the LED daytime running light feature
  • Available bulb size: 7440/7443


  • Replace existing turn signal light bulb
  • Connect the wire to fuse box ACC for daytime running light feature or connect it to existing parking light positive for parking light feature
  • LED DRL/turn signal kit comes with equalizers (resistors) to prevent hyper flash. Mount the equalizer to metal or let it hang.

Demo Video

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