2-Prong EL12 Electronic LED Flasher Relay Hyper FIX Motorcycle Turn Signal Bulbs

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  • Round cylinder shape 2-prong/pin LED flasher (Size: 1.18x1.10")
  • Input: 12V with a wide working range from 0.02A to 10A, good for both LED and incandescent turn signal bulbs
  • Eliminates the need for load resistors, turn signals will flash at normal rate with or without LED bulbs
  • Work for cars or motorycles to fix the fast/rapid flashing turn signal or prevent weak or non flashing LED blinking issues


This page features the 2-pin electronic LED flasher relay fix for motorcycle or scooter to prevent turn signal hyper flashing.

Each LED flasher relay unit has a round cylinder shape form factor and measures at 1.18x1.10".

The 2-pin LED flasher is rated at 12V and has a wide working range of 0.02A to 10A and will work with either incandescent or LED turn signal light bulbs

Eliminate the need to wire in load resistors; simply plug the 2-pin flasher into your fuse box to normalize your turn signal blinkers' flashing rate or to prevent weak/non-flashing LED blinking issues.

Please note that the LED flasher relay is not made to fix low wattage or error message problems.

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