2 Super Red 33-SMD Sequential LED Arrows for Car Side Mirror Turn Signal Lights

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SKU 35-332-Red

This auction features one pair brand new Brilliant Red 33-SMD-1210 Sequential LED arrow lights, can be hidden behind the side mirror for any cars, SUVs or trucks as turn signal lights.

Simply remove the side mirror, and place the LED arrows against the back of the mirror and tap the wires to the turn signal lights.


  • 1 pair
  • Ultra Slim Design (0.1" thick)
  • Brilliant Red
  • 33 pieces 1210 type SMD LED lights
  • Sequential Flashing
  • With the arrow pointing right ">" height: 2.7" width: 2.5"
  • Put LED lights behind the rear mirror, virtually invisible!
  • Highly recommend professional installation since it requires opening up the entire side mirror

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