3-Pin CF13 & CF14 LED Flasher Relay For Turn Signal Lights Hyper Blink Flash Fix

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SKU AA1184 + AA1094

This auction features for a piece of 3-pin Electronic LED 12V Flasher Relay Fix (CF13) with a special designed conversion wire to convert this CF13 LED flasher to work both CF13 and CF14 sockets for turn signal lights hyper flash fix.

This will solve LED related turn signal problems such as rapid flashing, not flashing, or bulb burnt out warning on dashboard. These are designed for most 3-pin Japanese configurations. Simple Plug N' Play.

Base on our experiences, lot of times, customers wouldn't know whether they need CF13 or CF14 until they are actually installing this LED flasher on their cars. So this specially designed conversion wire will solve this problem to allow customer to switch the black and blue wires around in case the customer needs CF14 instead of CF13.

In another word, with this specially designed conversion wire, you can use this CF13 LED flasher to work with both CF13 and CF14 sockets.

Demo Video

  • 3-pin CF13 EP34 Electronic LED Flasher Relay Fix for LED Turn Signal, Blinker Corner Light Bulbs (youtu.be/IdS6lL19Y7k)

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