30W High Power LED Bi-Xenon Projector Lens For Headlight Retrofit Custom Upgrade

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Introducing the world's first affordable hi/lo LED bi-xenon projector lens that's absolutely perfect for both headlight retrofit and custom headlamp upgrade!

These LED projector lens are powered by LG Innotek and superior to other projectors on the market, as they already come with their own light source to give you the perfect package. The 30W high powered output is equivalent to HID, but unlike HID that have a warm up time lapse, these bi-xenon LED projectors have an instant power up that completely transforms your vehicle in a moment's notice. At 20,000 working hours, the longevity of these bi-xenon LED projectors may even last longer than the vehicle itself!

The premium left handed drive cut-off line is to boast for and the entire package just emulates the new luxury cars on the market, as you would see on Audi, BMW, or Lexus. Transform your vehicle into the highest caliber.

The unique black ring bracket surrounds the face of the projector lens, adding a whole new level of class and substance. If you choose to install a shroud to complement the LED projector lens, the black ring will slightly peek out from behind the apparatus to complete the look with a futuristic hue.

Note: Since baking the headlights is required, professional installation is always recommended. Since Oct 18, 2017, we have updated this projector from holding a blue plastic retainer to holding a black plastic retainer.


  • World's first affordable hi/lo LED bi-xenon projector lens for headlight retrofit/headlight upgrade, powered by LG Innotek and already come with its own light source
  • Projector lens measures at 2.5", and is compatible with 3.0" shroud due to sturdy size of ring bracket
  • Super bright 30W HID equivalent output, with instant start up and a super long lifespan at 20,000 working hours
  • Premium left handed drive cut-off line, just like new luxury cars on the market and even comes with a unique blue ring bracket that circles the projector lens for a super classy look
  • LED Projector Kit Video (youtu.be/5SdqccKKVWA)

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