4-Strip 12" RGB 7-Color 72-LED Knight Night Rider Scanner Lighting Bars w/Remote

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This page features one set of 4-piece, 72-SMD Multi-Color RGB LED Scanner Lighting Kit with a wireless remote control. This universal LED scanner lighting kit utilizes 4 pieces of super bright 12" (30cm) rigid LED scanner bars with a wireless remote to give you wireless control of the device.

This is an easy 12V installation, just connect the power and ground and the rest is done for you. These scanners can produce over 55 different lighting effects/flashing patterns that you can choose with your wireless controller.

Instead of a one-piece, with this new design you can easily position the strips based on the way your car's hood is shaped without bending the LED strip to get it fit. This is especially true for American muscle cars and European cars where the hood is very curved, even with a pointed front end.


  • Mutli-color flashing/strobe features
  • 4 pieces 12" LED strips (18 pieces RGB multi-color LED lights each strip)
  • Can be easily positioned for a curved or pointed front end hood such as for Chevy Camaro, Ford Mustang, Cadillac CTS, etc
  • 55 Distinct flashing patterns
  • Remote control range up to 40 ft
  • Water resistance for car exterior use
  • Tap the red wire to battery (+) and black wire to battery (-) or ground

Remote Function

  • On/Off
  • Change color
  • Change flashing pattern
  • Change flashing speed


  • Since this is a knight rider scanner light, it does not have a solid color function

Demo Video

  • 4 Pieces Multi-Color LED Scanner Strip Lighting Kit (youtu.be/SIJTArJ5R0A)
  • Universal Fit 4 Pieces RGB LED Scanner Strip Lights Demo on Ford F-150 (youtu.be/5Jb7sRjwyaI)
  • 4 Piece RGB Multi-Color LED Scanner (youtu.be/_-Jjyitu6z4)

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