4 x 12" 7 Color RGB LED Knight Rider Ground Effect Light Kit For Motorcycle Bike

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This auction features one set sound active wireless controlled, in total 36 LEDs, 7 Colors, 23 Distinct Flash Patterns 5050 RGB SMD LED Motorcycle Ground Effect Lighting Kit.

This LED Ground Effect Lighting Kit includes 4 pieces 12 inches (30cm) 9 pieces 3-emitter SMD waterproof LED strips; 1 piece LED lighting control module; and 1 piece 3-way wireless remote control (25ft range).

Thanks to this new design, using the latest 3-emitter RGB SMD LED lights instead of the traditional individual colored LED diodes, each RGB SMD LED light equals to 3 traditional LED bulbs. It's like getting 3 LEDs with just 1 RGB SMD Chip and 50% more lighting output compared to the tradition LED diode ground effect lighting kit.

This LED Motorcycle Ground Effect Lighting Kit is commonly used for lighting up the entire bike itself and the ground for a sleek new look.

Note: To power up the module box, connect the red wire to a 12V power source (+). Connect the black wire to a ground connection. Make sure you do not mix these two wires up; connecting the two wires incorrectly (e.g. tapping the black wire to a positive connection and the red wire to a ground) may result in permanently damaging the module box.


  • 4 pieces 12" LED strips
  • In total 90 pieces 5050-RGB LED lights
  • 7 colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta (Pink), Cyan (Teal), and White
  • 23 distinct flashing patterns
  • Controlled by a wireless remote
  • Remote functions include on/off, flashing pattern, sound active (hold 5 sec to enable or disable)
  • Radio remote control with a 25 ft range
  • Waterproof LED strips for exterior usage

Demo Video

  • Motorcycle RGB LED Strip (youtu.be/4WOcwhif2xE)

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