Blue 15-SMD High Power LED Demon Eye Halo Ring Kit For Headlight Projector Lens

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SKU 50-041-Blue

If you're a car enthusiast looking for new LED demon eyes for your ride, this iJDMTOY upgrade delivers significant brightness and output that is leagues above other conventional LED demon eyes on the market.

This set of LED demon eye halo rings is powered by 15 pieces of LED lights, making it 5 times brighter than any standard design. Each ring is finely crafted with an aluminum circuit board to form a better comprehensive shape as well as does a better job in extracting heat. The circular design allows the LED demon eye module to be properly secured inside the projector lens without double sided tape.

Since the circular design forms a halo behind the projector lens, this means that the LED lights have a brighter and more even illumination. The 360-degree shine projects light both forward and outward, doing your ride justice.

This new LED demon eye module can be easily mounted behind most 3.0"/2.8" projector lens as a direct fit installation. If you have a 2.5" projector you can even install these LED demon eyes by cutting off 3 LEDs right before the black load resistors.

Tap the wires to any 12V power source such as parking lights, daytime running lights, etc.


  • Color: Ultra Blue
  • LED demon eye module halo ring
  • Great for most 3.0"/2.8" projector as direct fit and also fits 2.5" projector with slight trimming
  • Powered by 15 pieces of LED emitters
  • Gorgeous halo ring circular design for 360 shine
  • Gives you five times the brightness over conventional demon eyes
  • Crafted with an aluminum circuit board for durability and better heat extraction
  • Comes with 12" long wiring to tap to any 12V power source


  • Since this is a highly retrofitted product, some cases require opening the headlights for installation

Demo Video

  • LED Demon Eye Halo Ring for Projector Headlight Retrofit (

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