Blue Aluminum Ring For BMW Fxx Center Console iDrive Multimedia Controller Knob

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The BMW is opulent from the front to the back, from the exterior to the interior. Once you step inside a BMW, you can immediately feel the luxury surrounding you as you sit on the leather seats as well as the soft feedback from your center console controls. If you want to add a sporty touch to your deluxe BMW interior, start with the blue aluminum iDrive controller knob!

This page features the blue aluminum center console iDrive multimedia controller knob ring fit for many BMW models with Fxx chassis codes such as:

  • F22 2 Series
  • F30 3 Series
  • F32 4 Series
  • F10 5 Series
  • F06 6 Series
  • F01 7 Series
  • F25 X3
  • F26 X4
  • F15 X5
  • F16 X6

Make sure your BMW interior is equipped with the new iDrive center console knob with a touchpad before making a purchase.

Featuring a ribbed groove, each iDrive controller knob trim is made of aluminum and is colored a sporty blue to give your BMW interior a pop of color and make your multimedia knob the center of attention of your passengers. Installation is as simple as cleaning your center knob wheel, peeling off the adhesive sheet from the double-sided tape, and applying it over your control knob wheel.

With the iDrive controller knob blue aluminum ring, your BMW interior gets a sporty accent to complement its upscale cabin!


  • Fit all BMW Fxx Chassis Code Models such F22 2 Series, F30 3 Series, F32 4 Series, F10 5 Series, F06 6 Series, F01 7 Series, F25 X3, F26 X4, F15 X5, F16 X6, etc.
  • Before buying this product, please check the 3rd picture to make sure your Bimmer is Fxx Chassis and has the larger iDrive knob with the touchpad center (OEM part number 65829350723 65829332285 65829320288)
  • Ribbed grooves transform your vehicle's plain interior and add a unique pop of the blue color
  • To install, please thoroughly clean the center knob wheel, peel the back of the double-sided tape on the aluminum ring and apply it onto the center console knob wheel

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