CANbus LED Turn Signal, LED License Plate Lamps Kit For 15-up Cadillac Escalade

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Your Escalade is the most boss car on the road. Its iconic refined look, size, and scale of luxury tell everyone else around you that you are a big deal, that you command the space around you, that you live the high life. The Cadillac Escalade is the ultimate symbol of class and luxury, and yet it does not fully sport LED lighting. While your luxurious SUV is equipped with LEDs in its headlights, daytime running lights, fog lights, tail/reverse lights, and interior, your turn signals, and rear license lights do not get the same treatment. If you want to bring your Escalade SUV to the top echelon, fully upgrade to LED lighting with the CAN-bus LED front turn signal & license plate lights combo kit!

This is an LED combo pack that includes a CANbus plug and play 21W amber LED turn signal light bulb set and a CANbus plug and play 18-SMD xenon white LED license plate light assembly. Both ensure that you will not encounter any error messages on your dashboard computer and both are guaranteed to be MUCH brighter than the stock counterparts!

This LED exterior lighting combo set is made to fully upgrade the outside lights of the 2015 and later Cadillac Escalade. Why settle with stock incandescent lights when you can create the full opulent aura with ALL of your lights?


  • Fit 2015-up 4th Gen Cadillac Escalade
  • Convert Escalade's only two parts that are incandescent bulbs to LED , so you will get a full exterior LED on your Cadillac Escalade front head to tail!
  • Front: CAN-bus plug and play no hyper flash 21W high power amber LED turn signal bulbs, 3x brighter than original bulbs (no need to add exterior resistor!)
  • Rear: CAN-bus plug and play 18-SMD xenon white LED license plate lamp assemblies, much brighter than stock and no bulb out warning on dashboard

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