No Hyper Flash 25W Amber 7507 CANbus LED Bulbs For Front/Rear Turn Signal Light

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SKU 20-090-Amber

This page features the pair of 25W high powered amber CAN-bus LED replacement bulbs to work as turn signal lights!

The LED turn signal replacement bulbs feature a no-hyperflash design without external load resistors. This makes for a simple plug and play installation process, a simple item to work with without the clutter of a load resistor. Each LED turn signal light bulb is powered by (135) 0.2W amber LED diodes to create a gorgeous amber glow that is three times brighter than incandescent light bulbs (approx. 1000 lumen). It also features a special IC controller built in, so the LED bulb will shut off after four seconds to retain its longevity.

The exclusively designed LED turn signal replacement light bulbs are 7507 sized and are made to fit the front or rear single filament socket AO (amber-off-amber-off) turn signal housing (Can't not be used for both front and rear together). These are NOT made for driving/DRL use. The LED turn signal CAN-bus bulbs may still cause error messages to pop up in some Europeans cars.


  • Exclusive iJDMTOY design! US patent pending front/rear LED turn signal light bulbs, plug-and-play installation without adding load resistors and no hyper flash problem (Replace OEM BAU15s PY21W 7507, etc)
  • ONLY good for front or rear AO (Amber-Off-Amber-Off) type turn signal light use (Can't not be used for both front and rear together)
  • Powered by 135 pieces of 0.2W Amber LED chipsets with a gorgeous amber glow, true 25W output, just like OEM BA15 incandescent bulb, but with 3x brighter lighting output (approx 1000 lumen)
  • Special IC controller inside, so the LED bulb will turn off after 4 seconds; You can only use it for turn signal not driving/DRL lights

Questions & Answers

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Can these bulbs operate indefinitely as a flashing turn signal? Or do they start hyperflashing after a period of time (such as when operating in a prolonged hazard flashing scenario) like the 20-084-Amber product?

When the LED bulb is flashing on and off, the timer resets each second it flashes off so technically, the LED bulb can flash on and off indefinitely while your emergency lights are on since the timer is resetting. The meaning for "There is a protection IC inside, so each turn signal cycle cannot exceed 4 seconds" is more for vehicles where there is a shared bulb for 2 features like a parking light and turn signal. If this bulb is used for a parking light, since it will be constantly on and not flashing off, after 4 seconds, that is when it would shut off.