LED DRL/Turn Signal Lights w/ No Hyper Flash Fix Combo For 2015-19 Jeep Renegade

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  • Fit 2015-19 Jeep Renegade
  • Replaces the entire front end incandescent turn signal and daytime running light bulbs to LED
  • Comes with a specially designed plug and play resistor decoders to ensure no bulb out warning messages and no hyper flash
  • Gives your Jeep Renegade awesome super bright lighting day and night


If you are looking to fully brighten up your Renegade's front end, start with the white LED daytime running light/amber LED turn signal light bulb kit!

This is an LED upgrade kit that includes (2) xenon white LED DRL bulbs, (2) amber yellow LED turn signal light bulbs, and a pair of resistor decoders. This LED combo kit is ideal for fully upgrading your front end's incandescent driving lights and turn signal lamps to LED for supreme brightness. The included resistor decoders install easily with plug-n-play action and ensure that no bulb-out warnings show up in your onboard computer and no hyper flashing occurs. When installing the LED DRL turn signal kit, directly replace your incandescent bulbs with the LED light bulbs, plug the resistor decoders into your existing lamp sockets and bulb adapters and make sure to mount the plug and play load resistors onto a metal frame.

The complete front end white LED daytime running lights, amber LED turn signal lights with load resistors combo is specially made to fit the 2015 through 2019 Jeep Renegade.

Q: Why are my LED daytime running lights still dimly lit after I turn off my Jeep Renegade?
A: Your LED DRL bulbs are still dimly lit because of the Renegade's wiring which has low-current voltage lingering. When this floating voltage comes in contact with an LED bulb, it will run through and illuminate the DRLs slightly. This is a common issue discussed in various forums and typically goes away after about 30 minutes. Your car battery will not be drained.

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