Red H21W/7506 LED Bulb Combo For BMW F32 F82 4 Series Turn Signal Brake Lights

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Your BMW is a quintessential symbol of luxury and style. With such a sophisticated body, its lights should be on par if not better. So if you're looking to replace or upgrade your rear lighting, the LED rear turn signal and brake light bulb combo set is what you need!

This page features the H21W & 7506 sized brilliant red CANbus LED turn signal/brake light bulb combo made to fit the following BMW models:

  • 2014-2017 Pre-LCI F32/F33/F82 4 Series

Please note that this product will NOT fit the facelift/LCI models. The set of rear lighting LED light bulbs is powered by a total of 134 pieces of red phosphor LED emitters to output an extremely bright red light for your turn signals and your brake lights. Each red turn signal and brake LED light bulb is equipped with a CANbus system which prevents error messages from appearing on your BMW's dashboard computer. When you start your engine, the LED bulbs will flash/strobe a few times due to the onboard computer scan. This is a test to make sure all the lights on your BMW are in working condition and is a normal occurrence. With a faster turn signal and brake light response time, your BMW upgrades its safety features and style as you drive down the road ahead of you!


  • Fit 2014-2017 BMW Pre-LCI F32/F33/F82 4 Series (Please note this product does not fit the facelift/LCI models)
  • Powered by total 134 pieces special designed red phosphor LED emitters to produce a super bright RED lighting
  • Great style and safety updates for your BMW with faster responsive LED brake light and turn signal light
  • Complete CAN-bus error free, plug and play, no bulb out warning on dashboard (please note when the car engine first starts, the LED bulb will slightly flash/strobe couple time due to the onboard computer scan, which is completely normal)               

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