Clear Towing Sequential Blink Switchack LED Side Mirror Lights For Toyota Tundra

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iJDMTOY Semi-Clear Lens White/Amber Switchback LED Dynamic Sequential Blink Side Mirror Turn Signal Light Assembly Kit Compatible With 2007-21 Toyota Tundra w/ Tow Side Mirrors


  • Compatible with 2007-2021 Gen2 Toyota Tundra with large towing side mirror ONLY
  • Ensure this product fits your Tundra truck by checking the second picture for a large TOWING mirror with vertical amber turn signal indicator lamps outside of the mirror cap before buying
  • Trendy frosted white/clear lens, directly replace the factory equipped individual LED dots on and off ONLY side mirror turn signal lights to a full white/amber LED strips and dynamic sequential blink assemblies
  • This lighting system is powered by 72 super bright LED lights in white and amber yellow. The Xenon white LED illuminates as a position/driving light when the headlights are on, while the exterior rear-view mirror LED lamp flows from the center to the side when the turn signal is used
  • Easy installation tips: Remove the mirror glass to access interior screws/clips, release them to remove the cap/cover, and seamlessly replace the dynamic flashing LED sidemarker strip assembly beneath

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