DRL Wiring Kit For Most 7" Integrated LED Headlight w/LED Daytime Running Light

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SKU AA1252

This is a wiring kit that's made to eliminate the need to cut or splice wires, which can void your car's warranty. The DRL wire set works on most 7" integrated LED headlight or daytime running lamp with a single prong. Easily install using plug and play action; plug both pins to your LED headlight or daytime running light's prongs and connect the fuse adapter to your fuse box ACC 12V+.

The plug-n-play DRL wiring kit is compatible with the 1997 through 2017 Jeep Wrangler JK/TJ, as well as some Harley Davidson motorcycles.


  • Works for most 7" Integrated LED headlight/daytime running light headlamps with a "SINGLE" prong for LED daytime running light
  • Eliminates risky cutting or splicing of wires that can void your vehicle's warranty
  • Easy to install, everything is plug and play
  • To install 1) plug in both pins to the LED headlight/daytime running lamp's DRL prongs. 2) connect the Add-a-circuit Fuse adapter to the fuse box ACC 12V+ location

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