DTM Style Horseshoe RGB Multi-Color LED Angel Eyes Halo Rings For BMW Headlights

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There is a brand new BMW trend in town and that's the U-ring horseshoe shape LED halo rings that practically blew up the car world! Introducing iJDMTOY's DTM style U-ring horseshoe shape LED halo rings directly inspired by the all-new BMW F30 3 Series, F32 4 Series 4 and the F15 X5 's OEM LED angel eyes. These DTM style LED halo rings will give your Bimmer a super fresh and unique look. While these DTM style halo rings are super hot, they're still pretty rare at the moment, giving you a chance to be one of the first people to retrofit this look on your own BMW. 


  • DTM style horseshoe U-shape, just like the all new BMW OEM LED angel eyes
  • Made with high quality 3-emitter 5050 RGB SMD LED lights making it two times brighter than any conventional RGB rings on the market
  • IR remote control with 25ft range for color change, flash pattern and bright/dim change
  • Comes with 4 pieces of RGB LED halo rings + IR remote control with red/green/blue/amber/magenta/cyan/white colors in set


  • For some BMW models, the halo ring size may not be exactly the same size as required for your headlights. Additional shrouds and brackets may be required in order to properly install these LED halo rings
  • Retrofits required, such as bake/open the headlamp or adding additional brackets to mount the rings
  • Recommend professional installation
  • To power up the module box, connect the red wire to a 12V power source (+). Connect the black wire to a ground connection. 
    • Make sure you do not mix these two wires up; connecting the two wires incorrectly (e.g. tapping the black wire to a positive connection and the red wire to a ground) may result in permanently damaging the module box.

Demo Video

  • All new horseshoe RGB LED Angel Eyes Rings For BMW E92 F30 3 Series (youtu.be/T3KnvuZFBzE)
  • DTM Style Horseshoe BMW RGB LED Halo Rings Demo (youtu.be/uGFeDHGKd4I)

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