Euro Spec Rear Fog Lamp w/ LED Bulb, Enable Wiring Harness For Audi 2007-2014 TT

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SKU 72-007-Red

iJDMTOY OE-Spec Dark Red Lens Lower Bumper Rear Fog Lamp Assembly w/ LED Bulb, Wiring Harness, Compatible With Audi 2007-2014 TT TT-RS w/ Rear Fog Lamp Opening Cutoff


  • Compatible with Audi 2007-2014 TT or TT-RS that has rear fog lamp opening on the center lower bumper grille (otherwise you have to cut/trim in order to install this product, see picture 2)
  • OE-spec dark red cover/housing, comes with super bright 9-SMD 921 W16W LED replacement bulb, wiring harness that can enable the rear fog light feature
  • Comparing with the European models, the USMD TT is missing the center rear fog, this lighting kit will add back the Genuine European appearance for your TT!
  • Direct fit rear fog lamp assembly and with some very simply wiring installation for adding the European look and enhance additional safety at night
  • Again, there are some wiring required for the installation, we have provided an installation guide to show to where to tap/connect the wires

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