H4/9003 Dual Beam Hi/Lo LED Headlight Lens Bulbs - H4 Halogen to LED Projector

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Installing projector lens into your headlights can have a really big payoff at the end. You'll get a higher grade of brightness and the most pristine cut-off lines from combining your projector lenses and LED bulbs. However, it's difficult baking open your headlights if you're not experienced and going to a professional may be costly. So if you are looking for the greatest and easiest head light upgrade, you won't have to look any further than the dual beam hi/lo LED projector headlight lens bulbs!

This is a pair of dual beam hi/lo projector lens LED headlight bulbs made to fit in H4 or 9003 head light housings.

Just like any LED headlight bulbs, these LED projector lens bulbs will greatly upgrade your output so you can clearly see what's in front of you. Standard LED bulbs, however, output different light shapes, glare, and dark spots because they are installed in housings that are made for halogen light bulbs. As a result, you don't get a defined beam pattern.

A built-in projector lens onto our LED light bulbs bring you the highest grade of output with the most clarity AND without the hassle of retrofitting standalone projector lenses! These LED projector headlight bulbs appear much brighter than standard LED bulbs, form a well defined cut-off line, and save you a trip to a professional. Simply replace your H4/9003 halogen bulb for plug-and-play action.


  • (2) H4/9003 Dual Beam Hi/Lo Projector Lens LED headlight bulbs
  • Converts halogen H4 headlamp to full LED with projector lens
  • LED headlight bulbs with built-in projector lens
  • No modification or retrofitting required. Simply replace the H4 halogen bulb with LED lens bulb

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