H4 to H13/9008/9007 Polarity Adjustable Headlight Conversion Adapter Wiring Kit

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SKU AA1253

This is a set of H4/9003 male adapter wires designed to fit with 9007/9004/HB5 or H13/9008 female sockets.

The conversion adapter wires are polarity reversible so you can easily adapt your headlights without the need to modify anything. Each wire set is made with heavy duty nylon and 18AWG wiring, which is 4.5" long, and is compatible with most GMC, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles to perform headlight retrofitting or conversions.


  • 1 pair H4/9003 male to either 9007/9004/HB5 or H13/9008 female
  • Special +/- polarity reversable/adjustable design to avoid any possible modification
  • Good for most GMC Ford Chrysler Dodge Jeep headlight retrofit conversion
  • Heavy duty nylon adapter with 18AWG wiring (4.5" long)

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