IceBlue 18-SMD LED Strip Light For Car Trunk Cargo Area or Interior Illumination

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SKU 50-049-Aqua

This page features the 18-SMD-5050 LED strip light to illuminate your trunk cargo area.

This LED trunk strip light is the brightest on the market and will shine every single inch of your trunk in the coolest light! Each package includes (1) LED strip light which contains 18 ice blue 3-Emitter 5050 SMD LED diodes. Each LED strip light comes with double-sided tape for easy mounting and installation. Simply peel off the film and apply onto a clean surface. The 18-SMD LED strip light is ideal for use in the rear storage area and because of its simple installation, will fit in almost any car or SUV.


There's one T10 and one size adjustable festoon adapters in this package which will fit any wedge and festoon housings including:

  • 168/194/2825 wedge housings
  • DE3175/DE3022 1.25" long festoon housings
  • DE3425/6411/6418 1.50" long festoon housings
  • 560/578/211-2/212-2/214-2 1.72" long festoon housings


  • (Set of 1) 18-pieces Ice Blue 3-Emitter 5050 SMD LEDs per strip
  • Perfect for lighting up the entire trunk
  • Double-sided tape included for easy installation
  • Fits 168 194 2825 DE3175 DE3022 6411 6418 578 211-2 212-2 214-2 sockets 

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