JDM Style Red LED Bumper Reflector Rear Marker Lights For 16-up Honda Civic 4DR

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SKU 75-421a-Red

If you are looking for a quick and nifty mod to give your tail end a JDM boost of light, you'll want to get the LED bumper reflector marker lights!

This page features a set of JDM style brilliant red LED rear bumper reflector lights for the 2016-21 Honda Civic LX/EX/Touring sedan or coupe (does not fit the hatchback nor the Si or Type-R trims). Your package will include (2) LED tail/brake lamps for the left side and the right side. The LED rear marker reflectors replace your stock bumper reflectors with two modes of light: a brilliant red tail light and brake light mode. These LED rear marker lamps give your Honda Civic a nice sporty look and make it look way more JDM. Get a leg up on other USDM Honda Civics around you by making your bumper reflectors a beacon of safety and style!

Please note that this LED bumper reflector light assembly is made to fit in the 2016-up Honda Civic LX/EX/Touring sedan or coupe, and will NOT fit in the Si or Type-R trims, nor any hatchback bodies.


  • Fit for 2016-21 Honda Civic Sedan or Coupe (does not fit the Hatchback)
  • Brilliant red JDM style LED bumper reflectors with taillight and brake light modes
  • Comes with two pieces to cover both left and ride side rear markers
  • Gives your Honda Civic an extra sporty look while elevating the entire aura of the car

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