LED Daylight Night Time Enable Kit + LED Parking Lights For 2013-20 Nissan 370Z

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Daytime running lights are what gives your car flair and personality; no one DRL assembly is the same as the other. Your 370z's daytime running lights are no different. So why would you only want them on during the day? To make your 370z shine brilliantly at night as well, use the LED DRL nighttime enabling kit!

This page features the LED daylight nighttime enable wiring kit with headlight matching xenon white LED parking light bulbs exclusively fit for the 2013-2020 Nissan 370z.

Your package will include (2) 10-SMD 5730 T10 LED light bulbs and (2) LED DRL nighttime enabling wires with T-Taps. The super vibrant SMD LED parking light bulbs shine in xenon white, matching the color temperature of your headlights to give you a uniform front end light gleam. Use this kit to enable your daytime running lights to run at night and let your Nissan 370z display itself with its own personal flair!


  • Fit 2013-2020 Nissan 370Z
  • Contents: (2) 10-SMD 5730 T10 LED bulbs, (2) LED DRL nighttime enable wires w/ T-taps
  • Enable the LED daytime running lights to work day and night
  • Xenon White 10-SMD-high power T10 LED bulbs for 370z parking lights to match the same color as 370z headlights and LED daytime running lights

Demo Video

  • 2013-20 Nissan 370Z LED Daytime Running Light Enable Kit (youtu.be/J2rEUjaAGoU)

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