M Tri-Color Grille Insert Trims For BMW F10 F11 5 Series Kidney Grill (12 Bars)

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SKU AA2083

This product does not fit the standard chrome center grille.

The BMW F10/F11 5 SeriesBlack Kidney Grille has 12 grille beams. Please verify that your 5 Series grille has 12 grille beams prior to purchase.

This listing features one set of M-sport heritage stripes in the BMW Motorsport colors for the 2010-2016 BMW 5-Series with the M-Performance Black Center Kidney Grille. This M-stripe style grille is made from ABS plastic that does not fade and is easy to install in just a few minutes. Start at the end closest to the headlight and simply clip on the Mugelo Red insert at the third grille location and then clip on the Daytona Violet and Avus Blue insert respectively.

This M-sport style grille insert is a great complement to your BMW 5-series (with black center grille) to show the love you have for the Bimmer brand to make it a must-have upgrade. The grille insert trim is durable and long lasting, just like the legendary BMW.


  • One set (3 pieces) of M-colored grille insert trims in M-stripe colors
  • Made from ABS plastic for durability without fading
  • Clips onto the 2010-2016 BMW F10 F11 5 Series with M-Performance Black Kidney Grilles (NOT for the standard chrome grille)
  • If your BMW does not have the M-Performance Black Kidney Grille, this product will NOT fit and please check this listing instead: (for the standard chrome grille)
  • Made with ABS plastic shell with a simply clip on installation (no modification required)


  • Will ONLY fit the BMW models listed in the title with no modification required. WILL NOT FIT any other BMW model unless otherwise listed!
  • BMW F10/F11 5 Series Black Kidney Grille has 12 center grille beams - please verify that your 5 Series has 12 center grille beams prior to purchase

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