Needle Pin 6W 36-Ohm Mini Load Resistors For Bypass Dashboard Bulb Out Warning

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iJDMTOY (2) 6W 36-Ohm Miniature Needle Pin "Injection" Design Plug-N-Play Load Resistors For Bypass Dashboard Bulb Out Warning or Hyper Flash Turn Signal Fixing


  • Universal fit for many cars, especially European vehicles such as Audi/BMW/Mercedes/VW/Porsche
  • Compact 6W 36-Ohm resistors (1.30" x 0.95" x 0.62") that can raise the current up to 400mA, complete with aluminum heat shiled case and (2) 2.5-inch long wiring with needle pin adapters
  • The needle pin design enables a swift and straightforward 'inject' connection into OEM connectors via the back rubber seal, bypassing the need for splicing or cutting, contrasting with traditional bulky and super hot 50W 6-Ohm resistors, these ensure a much cooler operation and tidier installation
  • Perfect for European cars converting incandescent or halogen bulbs to LEDs, including license plate lights, side markers, and third brake lights; also corrects rapid flashing in low-wattage LED turn signals
  • To install, follow these steps: Locate where the wire enters the OEM connector and find the rubber seal. Insert the load resistor's pin slowly into this point. Ensure the entire pin is inserted WITHOUT any metal pin exposed outside. Repeat for the other side. Secure the connection with a zip tie or electrical tape

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