Smoke Red Optic Tube Style LED Rear Bumper Reflectors For 2017-up Jeep Compass

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SKU 75-423-Red

To make your Jeep an even greater sporty symbol, equip the LED rear bumper reflector fog light set!

This is a pair of brilliant red LED rear bumper reflector fog lights set in a 3-stripe pattern. The optic tube style masks the individual LEDs inside so that the light appears continuously fluid like you see in many luxury cars. This high powered rear LED fog light set replaces your bulbless bumper reflectors to add tail light, fog light, and brake light functionality. Use this rear LED assembly to make your Jeep Compass stand out and be a great symbol of utility on the road!

The brilliant red optic tube style LED rear bumper reflector fog light assembly is made to fit the second generation 2017 and later Jeep Compass.


  • Fit 2017-up 2nd Gen Jeep Compass
  • Powered with brilliant red high power LED lights with the lens design like most luxury cars' taillamps that you don't actually see the LEDs inside
  • Replace the OEM rear bumper bulb-less reflectors to LED tail/rear fog and brake/stop light features
  • Give your Jeep Compass an extra sporty and unique look different from everyone else

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