Speed Adjustable Lexus Toyota 8 Pin LED Flasher Assy Relay Fix For Turn Signal

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SKU AA1186

This auction features for a piece of Electronic 12V 150W LED Flasher Relay Fix for most newly Lexus Scion Toyota standard thermal flasher for Turn Signal, Blinker Light.

Unlike the conventional 8-pin LED Flasher, this special Flasher is speed adjustable.

Please note that this LED flash will only fix the LED bulb's hyper flash issue, not the wattage lower than stock bulb related "bulb out" warning message on dashboard. These are designed for most newly Lexus Scion Toyota vehicles.

Connection Instructions

Replace the stock relay in the fuse box.

Replace the following part number



1. Produce no heat compare with those load resistors
2. Plug And Play
3. Apply to most newly Lexus Scion Toyota vehicles 4 & 2 LED conversions

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