Switchback Concept M4 Iconic Style LED Angel Eye Kit w/Relay Wirings For BMW

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Introducing iJDMTOY's iconic M4 style switchback 540-SMD LED angel eyes for the BMW 2 3 4 and 5 Series!

This brand new conceptual M4 style switchback LED angel eyes come in a set of (4), powered by a total of 540 SMD LED diodes, and includes a relay wiring kit. Unlike our circular LED angel eye halo rings, the unique design of the M4 style LED angel eyes give your BMW a fresh and sharp look at the front end. Not only do the M4 style halo rings shine brilliantly in white, but also flashes amber yellow when you engage your turn signal. When you complete your turn, the LED angel eyes switch back to white.

The iconic M4 style LED angel eye set is ideal for those who love and work on their BMW continuously, always looking for the next upgrade and always needing to keep it looking awesome on the road or at car meets. This retrofitted item will fit the BMW 2 3 4 and 5 series' headlights.

Note: Installing this item will heavily involve modifications on your part. Retrofitting actions may include, but not limited to, baking open the headlamps, cutting, drilling, and adding additional brackets to mount the LED rings. We highly recommend getting this professionally installed, which may cost an additional fee.


  • All new BMW Concept M4 Iconic style LED angel eye headlight kit
  • 4 pieces dual color switchback amber and white LED circuit boards with total 540 pieces SMD LED lights plus relay wiring harness (function as both xenon white halo for daytime running lights and amber yellow blinker turn signal lights)
  • Perfect for the BMW 2 3 4 5 Series' custom headlights retrofit (Please note: there are bake open headlamp, drilling, wiring and other modifications required)
  • Give your Bimmer an awesome and unique style and look

Demo Video

  • iJDMTOY Concept M4 Iconic LED Angel Eye Kit For BMW 2 3 4 5 Series (youtu.be/JNTSEPH8YUQ)

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