Under Front Seat Air Vent Cover Grilles For 2015-up Volkswagen Golf MK7 GTI, etc

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You want to keep your Volkswagen interior clean, but dropping small items is inevitable. These tiny articles can get into your air vent under your front seat and congest it. Keep these things out using the under front seat air vent cover mesh!

Use this to cap over the air vent set under your front seats. Each package comes with (2) air vent grille covers, one for each side. The holes of the mesh are small enough to keep things like lighters, coins, and trash out but big enough to allow ample air flow coming in or out. This makes cleaning out your VW interior easier, keeping all your trash and lost items in one place instead of being stuck in the air vent where debris can build up and emit foul odors. This item is ideal if you have kids who throw trash down to the floor or drops toys, preventing any of these small articles from falling into the AC vent.

The under front seat air vent cover grille mesh will fit the air vents of the 2015 and later Volkswagen Golf MK7 GTi.


  • Fit 2015-up Volkswagen Golf MK7 GTi
  • Cap over the air vent opening under the front seat (one for each side)
  • Keeps small objects such as coins, keys, and trash from falling into the air vent, preventing potential expensive repairs
  • Retains your air conditioner's cleanliness, running efficiency, and keeps it odor-free

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