Universal 3-Step Sequential Chase Flash Module Boxes For Car Turn Signal Light

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If you are looking for the next flashy upgrade, why not use successive lighting on your turn signals?

This is a pair of module boxes that convert your front or rear turn signals' standard flashing action to successive lighting. Each package includes (2) 3-step sequential modules boxes, one for the driver side and one for the passenger side. With the successional flash module box installed, your car's turn signals will get three sequential outputs with each flash lasting about 0.28 seconds for a full turn signal rotation of 0.85 seconds.

The 3-step sequential chase flash module boxes are universally fit for many cars' front or rear turn signal lights but will require some retrofitting action. Unless you are experienced in installing retrofit items, we highly recommend professional installation. If you do decide to perform the installation yourself, please note that retrofitting actions such as wiring and wire extending are required.


  • 2 pieces of 3-step sequential module boxes for both driver side and passenger side
  • Input: 12V DC, Output: 12V DC; Support both LED or incandescent bulbs up to 21W simultaneously (Demo video: youtu.be/6dAh3xvxf7M)
  • Three sequential outputs (each lasts about 0.28 seconds, with a complete rotation of 0.85 seconds for each turn signal blink)
  • Some retrofit wiring action required; unless you are experienced, we highly recommend professional installation

Demo Video

  • Universal 3-Step Sequential Chase Flash Module Boxes For Car Turn Signal Light Retrofit Use (youtu.be/6dAh3xvxf7M)
  • How to Install 3-Step Sequential Chase Flash Module Boxes (youtu.be/vBNXqEWR0U4)

Q: What does "simultaneously" mean in one of the features above?
A: In the second feature, "simultaneously" means the 3-step sequential flash module box can support up to (3) 21W bulbs at one time. This is because not all three light bulbs flash at the same time.

Q: What does retrofitting mean?
A: Retrofit means adding a product to your car that did not have it coming out of the factory. The pair of sequential flash module boxes is fit for many cars but retrofitting actions are required in order to install it. To install the 3-step dynamic flash module boxes, modifications such as wiring and wire extending are required.

Q: How do I connect the common ground/negative wire?
A: All three light applications' black wires must be tapped to the module box's single black wire which is what we call the common ground/negative wire.

Q: My car uses the same light bulbs for my rear turn signal and brake lights. Will I still be able to use this sequential module box set for my turn signals alone?
A: No, if your turn signals and brake lights share the same bulbs the dynamic flashing module boxes will not be able to make your turn signal lamps alone flash sequentially.

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