Universal Angel Wing LED Welcome Light Carpet Floor Project Illumination Kit

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SKU 35-061-White

If you thought cars could never have an angelic feel to it, wait till you see the angel wing LED light carpet!

This is an LED floor projection kit that shines a unique wing pattern previously seen only on the BMW 7 series. Powered by a 5W CREE LED emitter, the LED floor projector shines a noticeably bright xenon white thanks to the built-in projector lens. The specially designed mounting bracket allows the LED assembly to fit on many cars, affixing itself underneath the car chassis.

The LED angel wing light carpet features 9 pillars of light that arcs and flanks both sides of your car to create a divine appearance that is typically reserved for BMW 7 Series vehicles. Bring the celestial look to your car and be a beacon of light for others around you!

Please note:Installing the LED angel wing light carpet projection kit may involve wiring, mounting, and drilling into your vehicle.


  • BMW 7 Series-style LED welcome light carpet
  • Powered by 5W high power CREE LED emitter with projector lens for a super bright output
  • Specially designed mounting bracket for a universal fit underneath the vehicle chassis
  • Lights up your door walkway area with beautiful angel wing-style ambient lighting for a divine, eye-catching presence for your car!

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