Universal LED Daytime Running Light Automatic ON/OFF Controller Module Box Relay

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This page features one piece universal fit LED daytime running light automatic ON/OFF relay module box.

This automatic DRL On/Off rely module box allows you to easily install the LED daytime running lights and set it to turn on whenever the engine is on and turn off when the engine is off.


  • Easily enable the LED daytime running lights' on and off with the car engine on and off
  • No need to find ACC in fuse box nor the annoying tap wire process
  • Work with most LED daytime running on the market
  • Wattage capacity: 12W
  • Delay turn on time: 5 sec
  • Delay turn off time: 15 sec
  • Size: 2.25" (L) x 1.75" (W) x 0.85" (D)


  • Please make sure mount this module box near the battery to prevent any water damage

Wiring Guide:

  1. Red wire: connect to battery positive terminal

  2. Black wire: connect to battery negative terminal

  3. When starting the engine, if the LED lamps don't light up or is flickering, connect the blue wire to fuse box ACC 12V+ (how to find ACC youtu.be/Q3ZBHG24ghY)

  4. White wire: optional dimming feature, connect to headlight +

  5. Yellow wires: optional turn off feature when using turn signal, connect to left and right turn signal +

  6. Green wire: optional strobe feature, connect to any 12V+ to enable the feature

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