Universal Sealed Opening Rubber Housing Cover Caps For Headlamp Install LED Kit

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Tired of unwanted substances getting into your precious retrofit lighting assemblies? These rubber housing seal caps conveniently seal out any water condensation, moisture, dust, and more from your retrofit lights to keep all the lights working. These rubber caps protect your xenon conversion, aftermarket LED headlights, retrofit headlights and more so you can have peace of mind that your lights will be long lasting.

There's no holes in the cap so you can poke a custom hole for the wiring go to through. 


  • This listing is for (2) universal sealed rubber housing caps
  • Good for xenon LED conversion kits, aftermarket LED headlights, retrofit headlights, and many more of your retrofit lighting assemblies
  • This listing is for 2 pieces of universal fit rubber caps: the sizing accommodates a majority of xenon LED retrofit assemblies
  • Seals your aftermarket retrofit LED assemblies and protects them from water condensation, moisture, dust, and other unwanted substances
  • This product has a universal fit with a diameter of 90mm, making it compatible with the majority of headlamp back openings

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