Wireless RGB 7-Color LED Angel Eyes Halo Rings Kit For 2011-14 Dodge Charger

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This page features a 4 piece set of 7-Color RGB Multi-Color LED Angel Eyes Kit with an IR Remote Control that's good for the 2011-2014 Dodge Charger.

Unlike any conventional circular LED halo rings on the market, these iJDMTOY Dodge Charger LED halo rings are specially designed to the exact shape to have a precise fit along the inner edge of the headlamps. This special design not only makes this product a perfect exact fit but also make the new light look more natural and original!

Since this is a retrofit product, there are some modifications involved. Of course, you can also manage to install this product for many other cars with some mods.


  • Specially designed ring shape with a perfect fit for 2011-14 Dodge Charger's headlamp
  • Powered by 210 pieces high quality 5050 RGB LED lights
  • Twice brighter than any conventional RGB rings on the market
  • 16 different color change
  • IR remote control for color change, flash pattern and bright/dim change
  • Remote control range: 25-30ft
  • Content: 4 pieces of RGB LED halo rings, IR remote control
  • Available colors: red/green/blue/amber/magenta/cyan/white in set

Note: bake/open headlamps required, recommend professional installation. To power up the module box, connect the red wire to a 12V power source (+). Connect the black wire to a ground connection. Make sure you do not mix these two wires up; connecting the two wires incorrectly (e.g. tapping the black wire to a positive connection and the red wire to a ground) may result in permanently damaging the module box.

Demo Video

  • 2011-2014 Dodge Charger RGB LED Halo Rings (youtu.be/I9nrtIqWJsg)
  • iJDMTOY Dodge Charger RGB LED Halo Ring Kit (youtu.be/rqtn0VEA39E)

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